Artists who paint family portraits?

Each and every portrait is hand painted by one of our artists. Attention is paid to exact and specific details. Thanks to the talent and imagination of our artists, we bring to life even the most minute and nuanced details of each image. We believe in quality over quantity.

I have created portraits of single parents, portraits of people with their pets, family portraits with same-sex parents, as well as portraits of extended families. We turn your favourite and most loved images and photographs into original hand painted oil portraits. Lately, families plan photo shoots around a theme or dress up in a certain way to achieve more aesthetic family portraits that look good on their walls. However, the polished Art Deco style of the bisexual Russian-Polish painter, influenced by Cubism and Neoclassicism, particularly Ingres, is equally recognisable in her portraits of men, particularly her first husband, the glamorous Polish lawyer Tadeusz de Lempicki.

While many artists are once again accepting portrait commissions, families are keen to capture their special photographs in such an old medium. Among the 50 works in the National Gallery's recent "Gainsborough's Family Album" exhibition is this oil painting of his beloved daughters, a charming study of transience that seems almost heartbreaking in retrospect. Thomas Gainsborough may have lamented the parade of "cursed faces" that prevented him from painting landscapes, but that did not stop him from painting more portraits of his family and friends than any other known painter before him, and for love rather than money. For my tenth birthday I asked for a camera and have been photographing or painting portraits of family, friends and clients ever since.

We can turn your favourite family photo into a life-size oil painting that you can treasure forever. Kahlo painted this portrait 10 years after her father's death, depicting him as he appeared in his wedding photographs. In this 1928 portrait, painted the year the couple divorced, he is dark, handsome and elegant, but also sullen and resentful. Moreover, seeing the finished product makes the whole family happy, as it seems much more permanent to have an oil painting of the family.

Although the tradition of many families has been, even to this day, to have their family portraits painted on canvas, this practice has become obsolete among others.

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