How much do family portraits cost?

You may want to bring your exotic creature for the shoot, or you may want to cover up some flaws in your appearance; sometimes families want to stick to a theme during the shoot and so need the photographer's help with lighting and posing ideas. After their family photo session, most of the families I work with spend between £400 and £1,400 on photographs. These portrait sessions can be done in the studio or on location, and include multiple outfits and poses and retouching of all final prints. The price charged by a photographer for family portraits varies depending on their operating costs, frequency of bookings, distance travelled, etc.

You can choose to have the portrait session in the studio or on location and various outfits can be used. Considering how expensive family portraits can be, families must find a way to pay without going broke. After all, if a photographer only photographs families they will have had more experience and more time to perfect their craft. These sessions take place at a location chosen by the photographer and on certain days of the month, so the photographer will photograph several families back to back on the same day.

People often ask for a specific style of family portrait, such as traditional or classic, candid, artistic (focusing on lighting and composition) or in natural settings.

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