How much should i charge for a family portrait drawing?

Photo-to-painting transformations open the door to endless possibilities when it comes to preserving memories for life. Our customers come from all walks of life to preserve many special memories. From birthdays to babies, anniversaries to homes, if you can think of a reason why someone would want to celebrate a memory, we have probably helped them do so with a personalised portrait. Creating a painting from your favourite photo allows you to enhance the quality of the original image while increasing the size and creating a stunning work of art that you can enjoy for years to come.

If you think about it, oil paintings are often passed down from generation to generation. Not only are you creating a work of art that you will enjoy, but you are creating an oil painting that your descendants will use to relive the memories you cherish now. Most people recognise the importance of a fully personalised painting and portrait. They understand how priceless it is to give someone else or yourself a gift that will last not just a lifetime, but a lifetime and beyond.

Whatever your reason for thinking about commissioning a personalised portrait, you have probably considered how much it will cost you financially. To help you with that, I've created this handy outline of the most common prices. But the Internet has made it easier to commission portraits in non-traditional aesthetics, styles and media. I have had a couple of paintings commissioned for the children's room, I see that I have charged little by following your guide, but like everything else, I will improve.

In fact, if anything, it is easier to argue that watercolour and acrylic portraits should cost a little more for the simple reason that these artists seem to be rarer. Many portrait artists in this price range prefer to work from photos, either provided by the client or taken by the artist herself. It depends on how long they have been in the business, the level of quality of their work and how much detail the portrait will have. Where you plan to hang the portrait can help dictate these details, as you can decide what feel will work best in this location.

You can choose between an oil painting, a black and white oil painting, a pencil sketch, a charcoal sketch, a coloured pencil sketch, a watercolour painting, a pastel portrait, a premium charcoal sketch and a house portrait. Matt - I can't thank you enough for your encouraging email about how much to charge for a portrait. Beware of a group portrait whose cost does not increase in direct proportion to the number of faces painted. Whether you are going to invest in a hand painted portrait where you will pose for the artist in person or prefer to provide a photograph, you will want to give some thought to what you and your family members will be wearing and what is in the background.

We offer artwork in various mediums such as oil, pencil, charcoal, premium charcoal (a service exclusive to Whataportrait), watercolour, pastels, coloured pencil, black and white caricatures, coloured caricatures, house portraits, etc. If you find an artist who sells acrylic or watercolour portraits at a lower price than their oil portraits, then you've found a bargain.

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