Where can I have family portraits taken near me?

As a mother, I know that your family is the most important thing in the world. I am here to create portraits that my families can treasure and hold close to their hearts for the rest of time. I take photos at parks near me. Sometimes for urban vibe I will go to a town close by that has fantastic variety of backgrounds.

When you are photographing a family portrait, approximately nine times out of ten the client will ask you: "Do you have a location that you normally like to photograph? If you are photographing for next year's holiday portrait or other special event, your client may also choose a location that fits the theme, such as an evergreen forest or snowy landscape. 

Specializing in lifestyle, portrait and street photography, I am passionate about adding creativity to make each photo diverse and stunning. Lifestyle portrait photography is more flexible and doesn't require multiple poses or everyone looking in the camera. You always want to switch it up. We all do it, of course, but if you take every portrait client to the same place, your portfolio will develop an undesirable, repetitive consistency. If you are committed and your subjects are happy, it is possible to create great family portraits that your clients can share on cards, calendars and gifts throughout the year.

Since most family portrait sessions include a variety of backgrounds and poses, the perfect place to photograph contains all of these elements. 

If you're taking a family holiday portrait, your client may prefer a warm, rustic theme rather than something bright and urban, for example. You may find that you need to bring extra equipment, such as speedlights to fill in the shadows (if, for example, your client is expecting a family portrait under a moss-covered oak tree at two o'clock in the afternoon).

As with any type of portrait photography, the best place to take baby photos is the one you like best and the one that allows you to get the kind of photos you want of your baby, whether they are studio portraits with careful lighting or spontaneous, informal photos at home.

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