Where is the best place to take family photos?

The best places and ways to display family photos in the homeMain rooms. The gathering places in your home are where your family makes memories. Transitional spaces in a home are places like hallways, staircases and corridors. This is a favourite spot for locals and tourists, and we have had so many amazing family photo shoots here.

The Naples Pier is located on the Gulf of Mexico, and provides a classic but stunning backdrop for family portraits. Whether your photos are on the pier overlooking the ocean, or under the pier on the pristine beach, you will not be disappointed. The Naples pier is also an ideal location for large family photo shoots, as it is a public space and the only cost is for parking. This location is often best for early morning sessions or for portraits in the golden hour, in order to make the most of the beautiful Florida light without it being too hot.

Every good holiday deserves a really great photo to capture all the memories that go with it (my mother calls it a "framer"). When you look at your photo you remember the people, the place, the smells, the feelings and the jokes. Sometimes you get that perfect group selfie, but what usually happens is that one person (ahem, mum) takes the photos and the photos don't show everyone together. What you need is a real family portrait to put in the frame or on the holiday card, and remember all the good times from that trip to Sarasota County.

We love photographing families in their natural environment, especially if there are young children. Share some information with your photographer about your family's interests, hobbies, size and any special requests you would like for your session.

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