Where to take family portraits?

Family portrait from JCPenney is not the best place to take portraits. Here we'll give examples of places photographers will take you to take awesome photos. Photographers will give you variety, care and attention you and your family deserve. First thing you should do is get on Pinterest and check out family portrait gallery for ideas. Consider the time of year where you are located. If its winter, a cool snowy photo session might just be what you're looking for. Is it beautiful fall and every tree is starting to turn yellow and orange? This may be a perfect time for a family photo at a park.

A park where I like to shoot family portraits in Pittsburgh is gorgeous. It looks great all year round, and never seems to look the same twice. Thanks to my background in vintage style studio portraiture, plus 5 years of experience shooting portraits, I have a few tips up my sleeve. In fact, with a little planning, taking a family portrait will be fun for both you and your family. Here are a few tips that will help you have a successful and enjoyable photo session.

  • Make it either an early morning or late afternoon session - the light is beautiful and magical during these times.
  • Sometimes you'll have a difficult time with kids and even some adults. It is best to pump everyone up for the photo session so that your family is excited and will look forward to it.
  • I encourage my Moms and older female family members to get their makeup and hair done professionally for the day of the session. It will give you a boost of confidence and get you looking your best!

Continuing the discussion of where to take photos. Another thing to keep in mind before going through endless options is to decide where in your home you will be displaying your photos. Consider the color palette in that space and the overall vibe. If your home is decorated in light and airy mood, then I would not take your family portraits in the dark green park on overcast day with everyone wearing dark outfits. You get me? The views of the river or ocean in the background, light sand and light neutral outfits will give you a completely different vibe then a studio session with the whole family wearing formal outfits. 

Hopefully I gave you a few things to think about and with a little help of Pinterest you can start to visualize how you want your family portrait to look and now you need to look for that perfect photographer who will give you exactly what you are looking for.

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